Kaeser AS 30T3 to 30 hp - 8.8 to 124 cfm - 80 to 217 psig

Pemserter Series 4Pneumatic power for speed and consistency.

High Temp MaskingHigh Temp Masking

We can do it rightAmazing Results

RFI / EMI Shielding

Atlanta Metal Coating, Inc. offers RFI / EMI Shielding using Nickel, Copper and Silver. These pure metals, in our formulated coating, can help to reduce and even completely remove RFI and EMI interference waves.

Wet Painting

Mil-Spec Painting, C.A.R.C., Small, Medium and Large Runs, and more

Powder Coating

Atlanta Metal Coating has been offering Powder Coating as an alternative to traditional "wet" paint for over two decades, and our experience ensures that you get the perfect cured finish on your products.